Why Should I Get Dentures?

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why should i get dentures

If you’re missing some of or all of your teeth, our dentist in Saskatoon at Mount Royal Dental will suggest dentures to restore your ability to speak and chew, as well as keep your bite aligned correctly.

Our dentist in Saskatoon can provide you with removable or fixed dentures that replace missing teeth, creating a healthy-looking smile. They can sit on implants or your gums to hold them in place. Due to the advance in dental technology over the last two decades, you no longer have to worry about being stuck with poorly fitting dentures that make speaking a challenge.

Often, people don’t realize how much our teeth help with seemingly simple everyday tasks, such as speaking and enjoying meals. If you don’t replace your lost teeth, you can face a multitude of problems, such as:

Collapsed Bite – Otherwise known as facial collapse, this occurs when an individual has lost most of their back teeth, causing their jawbone to rest against gum tissue when they close their mouth. This pushes their jaw out of alignment and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain, and strain on muscles that are not meant to support the jaw.

Sagging Facial Muscles – Along with a collapsed bite, not having any back teeth leads to sagging facial muscles, causing individuals to look much older. Premature wrinkling can appear because there’s no dental structure to support the skin.

Malnutrition – Lacking teeth can create challenges with chewing, leading to vitamin deficiencies that cause issues such as illness and further muscle loss.

Speech Impediments – You require teeth to form words properly. Without teeth in your mouth to guide your tongue, your speech will become slurred and challenging to understand.

Further Tooth Loss – If you don’t replace your missing teeth, you can potentially face losing even more teeth. Gaps in the mouth allow your remaining teeth to slowly shift into the extra space, causing more dental issues.

Fortunately, we provide dentures in Saskatoon to restore your smile and improve your oral health. Dentures support your jaw muscles the way they need to help you chew, speak, and smile naturally.

Technological Advancements

Advancements in digital scanning technology have made it easier and more affordable to get well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing dentures. With digital scans, taking impressions of your mouth is easier, faster, and more detailed than ever.

Your dentures can be made using top-quality technological software that allows your dentist to modify the size and shape of your new smile in real-time.

Most of the time, dental implants are placed to provide the dentures with a solid structure to hold onto. Dental implants are implanted into the jawbone and connected to the dentures. Implants can be used for both removable and fixed dentures and can replace either a full set of teeth or just a few teeth.

With our new technology, our dentist can give you your perfect smile back and help restore your self-confidence, which will ultimately give you a reason to smile bigger!

If you are looking for a dentist that provides dentures in Saskatoon, please don’t hesitate to reach our office at (306) 652-2021.