Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile. A common factor that makes people feel unconfident in their smile is the colour or shade of their teeth. At Mount Royal Dental, we offer teeth whitening in Saskatoon! You can improve the appearance of your teeth and enjoy a whiter, brighter smile. If you are looking to receive teeth whitening, contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation for teeth whitening in Saskatoon.

teeth whitening in Saskatoon

Preparing for Teeth Whitening

To get the most effective results, it is essential to note that this procedure is not for everyone. Before receiving teeth whitening in Saskatoon, a consultation is required so your dentist can determine if you are the right candidate for this treatment. During the consultation, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and search for any oral health issues that may get in the way of successful treatment. It is also essential that you seek teeth cleaning before starting any whitening treatment. You can also talk to your dentist about any goals or concerns you may have about your teeth. Our professional dental team can help further educate you on the procedure and help you make an informed decision about treatment options.


Professional teeth whitening is a trusted procedure that is safe and effective. However, that does not mean this treatment is a good option for everyone. There are many reasons why some patients should not receive teeth whitening. Most of them are for the health and safety of our patients. These include:

  • Nursing mothers
  • Those with sensitive teeth
  • Those with allergies
  • Children under the age of 16
  • Pregnancy
  • Those with gum disease
  • Those with cavities
  • Those with crowns, fillings, or other restorative work

It is also essential to note that teeth whitening is not effective on fillings, porcelain replacements, or crowns.

Maintaining Your Results

There are necessary precautions you should take to ensure the longevity of your treatment. In the first few hours, it is advised that you avoid soft drinks, coffee, red wine, or other substances that may interfere with the colour of your teeth. You may see your colour wear faster if you frequently consume these drinks. When you receive professional teeth whitening, your new shade will stand up against beverages and foods that cause stains better than other over-the-counter solutions. If you have any questions about aftercare, contact our dental clinic today!

Achieving a whiter, brighter smile is a rewarding experience, and we want all our patients to feel confident in their smiles. At Mount Royal Dental, we offer teeth whitening, so you can feel comfortable when you smile, talk, and laugh. If you are looking to receive teeth whitening, contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation for teeth whitening in Saskatoon!