What Are The Different Types Of Dental Fillings?

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what are the different types of dental fillings

Wondering about dental fillings? Let’s check out the options! Fillings are crucial for treating cavities and preserving tooth health. Did you know there are different types to choose from? Amalgam fillings are strong, while composite fillings match your teeth. Ceramic fillings look great, and glass ionomer fillings release fluoride. Each type has its perks—talk to a dentist to pick the best one for you!

1. Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings have been around for a long time and are made from a blend of metals, including silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Designed for areas of the mouth subjected to intense pressure while chewing, these are both sturdy and long-lasting. Amalgam fillings are highly durable and can endure significant wear and tear.

2. Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a popular choice because they can be closely matched to the colour of your natural teeth. They are made from a mixture of resin and glass or quartz filler. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, which helps to support the remaining tooth structure and can be used for small to medium cavities. They are versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic fillings, also known as porcelain fillings, are made from porcelain material. These fillings are tooth-colored and can blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Ceramic fillings are highly resistant to staining and can be a good choice for people who are concerned about the appearance of their dental work. Find dental fillings in Saskatoon  for cavity treatment and tooth restoration. Get quality care for healthier teeth and a confident smile.

4. Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are made from a mixture of acrylic and a specific type of glass material. These fillings release fluoride, which can help protect against further decay. They are often used for children’s teeth or in areas where aesthetics are not the primary concern.

5. Gold Fillings

Gold fillings, also known as gold inlays or onlays, are composed of an alloy of gold, copper, and other metals. Gold is well-tolerated by gum tissues and can last for many years. These fillings are exceptionally durable and are often used in areas of the mouth that undergo heavy chewing.

6. Resin Ionomer Fillings

Resin ionomer fillings are like glass ionomer fillings but are made from a combination of glass and acrylic resin. These fillings are tooth-coloured and release fluoride-like glass ionomer fillings. They are often used for baby teeth or in small areas of decay.

Choosing the Right Filling

Now that you know about the different dental fillings, you might wonder which one is right for you. The best type of filling depends on various factors, including the location and size of the cavity, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget. 

  • Durability: If durability is a priority, amalgam or gold fillings might be recommended. 
  • Aesthetics: For a natural appearance, composite, ceramic, or porcelain fillings are excellent choices.
  • Cost: The cost of the filling can also be a deciding factor. Amalgam fillings are more cost-effective compared to ceramic or gold fillings. 

Understanding the types of dental fillings helps you choose the best treatment. Explore options for personalized care and lasting results.

Consulting with Your Dentist

The most crucial step in determining the correct type of filling for you is to consult with your dentist. They will evaluate your dental health, discuss your options, and recommend the most suitable filling based on your needs.

Remember, dental filling is a standard procedure that helps restore and protect your teeth. By choosing the right type of filling, you can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come.

If you have questions about dental fillings, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you make informed decisions about your dental care.

Choosing the Perfect Dental Filling for Your Unique Smile

At Mount Royal Dental, we understand the importance of choosing the proper dental filling for a beautiful smile. Whether you prefer potent amalgam, natural-looking composite, or seamless ceramic fillings, we have options tailored to you. Consult with your dentist in Saskatoon to explore which filling best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Your smile is unique, so trust in personalized care to keep it shining bright for years to come!