What Are The Risk Factors For Oral Cancer?

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what are the risk factors for oral cancer

Oral Cancer Screening Offered in Saskatoon

Cancer is a medical condition that affects anyone with or without poor health. Oral cancer is no different; oral cancer’s probability of developing in a patient’s mouth can increase due to several factors.

Oral cancer can affect your mouth tissues, such as cheeks, gums, lips, throat, and tongue. Regular dental checkups must be scheduled with a dentist in Saskatoon to evaluate and treat for any abnormalities; prevent oral cancer from developing.

If treated on time, oral cancer, like any type of cancer, can be eradicated from a patient’s system. Our dental clinic in Saskatoon is trained to detect any dental issues and signs of oral cancer. If you are due for a dental check-up, call and book an appointment to visit a dentist in Saskatoon.

Risk Factors Associated With Oral Cancer

The risk of cancer growing in your mouth increases as you age; this is one of the major factors determining oral cancer in people over 40. People between the ages of 60 and 70 are more likely to develop oral cancer due to their age. It is crucial to perform regular dental checkups to eliminate the possibility of oral cancer in a patient.

Poor Oral Hygiene
Gum diseases, cavities and tooth decay often come from poor oral hygiene, which may lead to oral cancer if left untreated and over a long duration of time. Visiting a dentist is important for proper oral health care and by following a proper mouth-cleaning routine, you can prevent oral cancer from developing.

Nutritious diets help with a patient’s overall health; not eating enough fruits and vegetables can increase the risk of oral cancer, however, it is still possible for oral cancer to develop in those who follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is why annual dental check-ups are of the highest importance, as your dentist can detect abnormalities or prevent the development of oral health issues by doing so. Patients over the age of 40 should prioritize oral cancer screenings as they are at higher risk of developing this and can ultimately prevent cancer from growing if this is done diligently each year.

Alcohol consumption
People who exceed alcohol consumption have been at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer for decades. The likelihood will also increase if people consume high levels of alcohol in combination with tobacco.

Tobacco Use
E-cigars, cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products are linked to throat and oral cancer, including cancer in the cheeks, gums and lips. Prolonged and daily tobacco consumption increases a patient’s risk of getting cancer.

Human Papillomavirus
Sexually transmitted diseases, like human papillomavirus, have been linked to oral cancer. Oropharyngeal cancer, a specific oral cancer, is contracted mostly by human papillomavirus infections, affecting young adults. However, this type of cancer is one of the least invasive, and if diagnosed and treated early, the patient’s health can improve.

People who consume high levels of alcohol and tobacco are at a high risk of developing cancer. Men are more susceptible to developing oral cancer since they consume more alcoholic drinks and smoking products, but this is changing over time; women are now consuming more tobacco and alcoholic beverages than in past decades.

Sun Exposure
People who work under the sun or are exposed to the sun for long periods have a higher risk of developing cancer. Applying sunscreen and UV protection lip balm can avoid damage to the lips and reduce the risk of cancer.

Call us at (306) 652-2021 to book an appointment with our Saskatoon dentist for oral cancer screenings. Take the proper care to prevent oral cancer today; take action toward a healthy smile!