Importance of Custom Mouthguards

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importance of custom mouthguards

Mouthguards aid in preventing an oral injury, as you are undoubtedly already aware. Patients with sleep apnea, TMJ dysfunction, chipped teeth, or bruxism are advised to do the same by their dentists. They are worn by both children and adults when engaging in leisure and physical pursuits. 

You can choose to select a mouthguard that’s already pre-made or, you can visit a dentist in Saskatoon for a guard tailored to meet your needs. They will take digital impressions of your mouth so that technicians can use this information to fabricate a device that will satisfy your unique oral dimensions. 

When and Why Mouthguards are Required

The most frequent type of facial injury in sports is dental damage. However, many do not wear mouth guards during organized sports. Basketball is the sport in high school that causes the greatest dental damage. Mouthguards are advised by many sports academies for a variety of other sports to ensure the safety of players and also for patients who are suffering from medical conditions that can be cured with custom mouthguards.

What are the Different Types of Mouthguards?

Three different mouthguards are available, which are as follows:

  • Ready-to-wear – Many sporting goods retailers sell these affordable mouth guards. However, dentists don’t advise them since they are bulky, interfere with speech and breathing, and offer little to no real protection.
  • Thermoplastic – These mouth guards, which fit better than ready-to-wear mouth guards, are also offered by sporting goods retailers. They are molded around the teeth with finger and tongue pressure after being rendered flexible with hot water.
  • Custom-fitted – Dental experts use a dental impression to create personalized mouthguards. Although they cost more than other kinds of mouth guards, they are more comfortable and offer the finest protection. You can get your custom guard at a dental clinic in Saskatoon.                            

Benefits of Customized Mouthguards

After a few months, thermoplastic and ready-to-wear mouthguards may lose their effectiveness. Custom-made mouth guards typically hold their shape for a year or more. Where necessary, they also provide additional protection. Wearing custom-fitted mouthguards is also far more comfortable than wearing non-fitted ones.

Additional benefits of personalized mouthguards in Saskatoon include:

  • Fit that is snug and comfy.
  • Speech and respiration are not restricted.
  • No unpleasant taste or odor.
  • resistance to damage.
  • Easy to clean.

Why Do People Snore?

Your airway compresses due to the drooping tissues, which vibrate. The shape of your mouth and sinuses, allergies, drinking habits, a cold, and your weight are just a few reasons for snoring. 

How are Custom Mouthguards Made?

Your dentist will create a mold of your teeth and send it to a lab that specializes in oral devices to create a mouthguard for you out of a material that the dentist specifies. Only the upper teeth are normally covered by custom mouthguards. However, they can occasionally be made to also protect the lower teeth. Some mouthguards in Saskatoon might have a soft inside lining for comfort and a stiff outside shell.

How Long Should You Wear a Mouthguard?

Professionally speaking, pressure laminated mouthguards are what modern mouthguards are known as. These operate by utilizing a “thermoplastic” substance, which, when heated, becomes bendable. Using a vacuum device, this is wrapped over the athlete’s dental molding. The guard is then polished and trimmed until it is exactly sized and ready for use.

After each season, these laminated guards should be examined to determine whether a replacement is required. The mouthguard material may deteriorate and the molding may weaken with time. Children and adolescents need replacement more than anyone else because their mouths are always expanding and their teeth are still forming.

Contact Us Today for Customized Care

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