Can Wisdom Teeth Extraction Change My Facial Structure?

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can wisdom teeth extraction change my facial structure

Patients are frequently concerned that pulling their wisdom teeth will result in an altered facial profile. The removal of one’s wisdom teeth can be done for preventative purposes. Still, it may also be necessary when the teeth are causing other problems or getting severely impacted. 

Immediately after having teeth extracted, every patient will have a noticeably different appearance, and many people are concerned that this may have unfavourable, long-term, or even permanent repercussions on their facial structure. But not to worry; such feelings are natural. Ultimately, tooth extraction will positively help your oral health and general well-being. 

Firstly, There May Be Temporary Changes; However 

There may be several weeks during which you feel and look different after having your wisdom teeth out. After you pace up with your regular diet, you will see the swelling fade away and your face return to its original appearance. 

Your wisdom teeth are located in a region of your mouth with an exceptionally high bone concentration. Your dentist in Saskatoon will be able to remove your wisdom teeth without causing any damage to this bone. 

There is not enough of an impact for there to truly be a ‘hole’ made in the bone. The part of the jawbone called the dental alveolus is where the third molars, often known as wisdom teeth, come in. 

One of the regions of your jawbone, known as the basal jawbone, is responsible for determining the shape of your jaw. Extracting your wisdom teeth will not alter the proportions of your jaw or face in any way, nor will it make your jaw or face smaller or larger. 

The skin, muscles, and fat pads of the face, as well as the facial fat, all wrap around the wisdom teeth and surround them. The extraction of a wisdom tooth by a dentist near you does not influence the structures described here. 

As a result of oral surgery, a person’s facial profile may appear less prominent, leading to the following side effects: 

  • The patient will often consume less food as they go through the healing process. In this particular instance, the face is the first part of the body to reveal weight loss. 
  • After the edema has subsided, the patient’s face will appear to have shed some weight. 
  • The results of having your wisdom teeth removed could be confused with the signs of natural facial aging. 
  • It is essential to remember that, as people age, the soft tissues of the chin and jawline begin to deteriorate.

What Advantages Come With Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed?

The patient’s bite is the starting point for analyzing the possibilities of extracting the wisdom teeth. It is usual for a person’s bite to shift while their wisdom teeth are coming in, particularly if the teeth are impacted, which can be uncomfortable. Removing patients’ wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures dentists perform to help patients maintain healthy bites. 

Wisdom tooth extractions in Saskatoon may be a possible alternative when a wisdom tooth has a big cavity that may be difficult to treat. This possibility arises when the cavity is difficult to reach. 

Under those circumstances, it is highly recommended that you get your wisdom teeth extracted. Because of this, the patient can more efficiently brush their teeth around the filling, decreasing or eliminating the risk of future cavities. 

Consideration must be given to the patient’s need for dentures while planning the wisdom tooth extractions near you. Because of their dentures, some patients are having problems swallowing their food and communicating with others. 

After removing the patient’s wisdom teeth, the dentures will be able to fit in their mouth in a comfortable and secure manner.

Allow Our Experts to Ease Your Mind and Boost Your Oral Health 

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a technique that is not only risk-free but also advantageous to patients. It can provide many benefits for enhancing oral health, such as improved overall bite, greater denture use, and fewer cavities. The shape of your face will not be altered by having your wisdom teeth removed, so you shouldn’t be terrified of the procedure. 

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