Are Dental Fillings Good For Your Teeth?

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are dental fillings good for your teeth

A common dental process that helps repair teeth that have been harmed by decay is the placement of dental fillings. Your dentist will probably recommend this service if you have a cavity in order to prevent future damage. What you should know about dental fillings is provided here.

How do Dental Fillings Work?

Materials called dental fillings are used to fill cavities left by tooth decay. They aid in repairing the tooth and averting additional harm. A combination of metals called amalgam and a substance that is tooth-coloured called composite resin are the two materials most frequently used for dental fillings.

Reasons You Might Need a Filling

Our dentist near you recommends a filling if you have a cavity in order to stop the decay from worsening. The cavity can result in discomfort, sensitivity, and even tooth loss if left untreated. Additionally, fillings can be utilized to fix teeth that have fractured or cracked as a result of trauma or normal wear and tear.

Types of Dental Fillings

Amalgam and composite resin are the two most commonly used materials for dental fillings near you. Silver, tin, copper, mercury, and other metals are combined to create the former.

  • Composite resin fillings can be coloured to match your natural teeth thanks to a combination of plastic and glass elements.
  • Amalgam fillings are a solid and long-lasting option for filling major cavities in the rear teeth. However, they might not be appropriate for front teeth since they are more apparent than composite resin fillings.

Front teeth are a suitable candidate for composite resin fillings since they are less apparent than amalgam fillings and can be coloured to match your natural teeth. They might not be appropriate for filling big cavities since they are not as robust as amalgam fillings.

The Process

Your dentist will first numb the region surrounding the damaged tooth if you require a filling. The rotten region of the tooth will then be removed, and the area will be cleaned in order to prepare it for the filling. After being molded to match the natural curves of your tooth, the filling material is then put within the cavity.

Your dentist will examine your bite following the placement of the filling to make sure it is comfortable and does not obstruct your ability to eat or talk. After the operation, you may feel sensitive or uncomfortable, but this should pass in a few days.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can aid in preventing further deterioration, which is one of its main advantages. If decay remains untreated, it may spread and result in more serious issues, such as tooth loss. By halting the decay in its tracks and preventing it from spreading and weakening the tooth further, a filling can be beneficial.

It is crucial to remember, nevertheless, that in rare cases, dental fillings may damage teeth. One of the biggest possible reasons is because fillings can weaken the tooth structure, increasing the likelihood of a fracture or break. Additionally, over time, fillings could need to be redone, necessitating the loss of more tooth enamel.

It’s also vital to remember that some fillings could include substances that are bad for your health. Traditional amalgam fillings, for instance, contain mercury, which has been linked to a number of health issues. However, there are safer and more biocompatible filling materials available, such as composite resin and ceramic fillings.

Dental Fillings at Mount Royal Dental

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